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Ku De Ta Dreaming
Ku De Ta Dreaming

Okay, so, I know you’ve all been dying to know if I made any money…

When I first checked my iPro account during my solo ad run, I was crushed to see a big fat ‘0’ sales. Noooo. I went to bed depressed.

But then I woke up the next day to discover – Yay!! I’ve finally made my first dollar online – actually my first $109.71! It’s amazing to look at ‘commissions generated’ in my account and see I’ve actually Earned Money Online (EMO)!

To all of my lovely friends who encouraged me when I was anxiously placing my first solo ad last week, thank you for your warm wishes and support! Its been quite the nail biter for yours truly who has a knack for running up that credit card bill…

I’ve now been educated in the solo ads world. For instance, what the heck is an optin?  Apparently, its short for ‘opting in’ which means someone has given you permission to send them email.

Now, I get a tonne of daily emails for which I evidently ‘opted in’ (this could be related to my credit card debt, hmm…), but I didn’t realise how the effectiveness of an ad run can be measured from the number of optins. In this ad run, I got 29 optins which means 29 people have given their email address so follow up emails can be sent to them. This may result in potential sales down the track.

As for a ‘click’, this would mean a subscriber actually clicked on the ad to go through to the sales page. I found this an amusing term until I realised that I had to buy my ad run for a specified number of clicks…then it lost its charm altogether.

Being cautious, I only ordered 100 clicks for my first run from Beatrice Brown. The ad cost $65 for 100 clicks. Beatrice was fabulous because she gave me an extra 32 clicks. For all I know, it was one of those extra clicks that made me my first $109.71 – all from just one customer buying 3 products! This leaves me with a profit of $44.71.

Won’t be back sipping cocktails at Ku De Ta anytime soon, but I’m making more than I’m spending for the first time in my online journey!

That’s a giant leap for me in the Right Direction…a big Thumbs Up to Dean Holland for breaking this quest down into bite sized chunks I can handle…

Thank you, Dean! Something has finally ‘clicked’ for me at last and there’s no stopping me now…!

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Solo Ad Newbie

Any resemblance to real life characters purely coincidental!

This weekend, *drum roll please* I’ve decided to go ahead with my very first Solo Ad! As a member of the coaching program run by Dean Holland, we get a Solo Ad Directory listing a variety of vendors. Naturally, I spent quite a while browsing through them.

I read their sales pages carefully, and finally selected one that seemed to have the caring approach I was after. I emailed her to see if she was familiar with Dean Holland’s program. Imagine my surprise to find she’s from Melbourne, too – this is meant to be! Yes, her list specialises in internet marketing and she will run my ad next week with stats on the results.

Being new to the process, I have ordered a small initial run. While one can’t expect instant success, I do feel the vendor I have chosen inspires confidence. Her name is Beatrice Brown – feel free to check out her sales page. Just make sure you email Beatrice first to discuss your requirements, so she can advise as to the suitability of your offer for her list. I found her very helpful and pleasant on email.

Of course, after the adrenalin rush of placing my first order, I needed to expend some nervous energy. As luck would have it, I had a girls night out arranged and someone else was driving! So several cocktails and a small hangover later, I am cautiously optimistic…

I wish each and everyone of you success with any sales campaign you may have. Remember to come back for the results of my first ad at the end of next week. Better yet, subscribe to my blog (see the fetching purple button on the top right) and get all the nail biting action direct to your Inbox!

Fingers crossed for the first $….!

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New Beginning

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Quickstart Challenge 2.0 has ended, and with the close of one chapter begins another. For my part, I was slow to start but my efforts well into the third week of the Challenge were generously rewarded by an incredible community of like-minded internet entrepeneurs.

I have learnt much from watching my new found friends and reading their stories. It has been a real eye-opener to see just how many people out there have wrestled with similar issues in understanding the basics of an online business.

I say this now with the understanding of one who has had an epiphany: that first elusive dollar online is the initial step towards building a business not just making money while you sleep! Only after participating in the Quickstart Challenge 2.0 coaching program did I grasp this concept.

Okay, so you’re thinking, ‘She’s a bit slow, isn’t she?’ but what may be obvious to some was not so for me.  Working as a bookkeeper for many years, indeed managing the accounts for various companies should have prepared me for the world of internet business. However, I simply hadn’t put these two words together: ‘internet’ and ‘business’. Instead, my mindset persisted in the myth that ‘push-button riches’ were just well…er, a click away once you found the right software, program, method etc.

Now, this seems as plain as the nose on my face (see video in previous post) that the best way to make money online is to plan this goal as you would any other business. Taking this road seems more like hard work and less like a magic carpet ride, but it also makes it understandable and demystifies the glamour of internet income. Just like any other business, there are various investments to consider and statistics you can measure to track your progress. The best way forward is a step by step plan to achieving your goal so you get there little by little, day by day.

So, cheers to a New Beginning, which I shall share with you as one newbie on her way towards establishing that online business…Acting Now with Energy and Enthusiasm Today and Always.

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