About Aneeta

I live in Melbourne, Australia.

it is a beautiful city by Port Phillip bay that has recently been surveyed as more expensive to live in than New York…not a good place to grow old if you don’t have much savings and haven’t bought your own home yet.

So when I stumbled across Dean Holland’s email about the Quickstart Challenge back in 2014, it struck a chord with me. Here is someone who used to be in debt and turned his life around to being financially independent through the power of internet marketing.

If he could make it, then so can I.

If he could manage his time and plan his day to make his internet income a reality, then so can I.

If he could see past the debt burden and the grind of nine to five to focus on working towards his goal every single day, then so can I.

Listening to Dean’s webinars, I realised that what he’s saying is so very simple when you think about it: take positive action if you want to be successful.

I’ve finally stopped listening to the voices in my head telling me I’m crazy and when I stopped doubting myself, I came up with this:

Act Now with Energy & Enthusiasm Today & Always.

The ANEETA biz. Will it work, how will it work?

I don’t know yet; but listening to Dean Holland’s clear vision has helped me to see through my own fears and come up with a positive approach…so I can believe in myself and above all else, take action.

I aim to make a business out of this miracle of the new millenium called Cyberspace. I hope you’ll join me on my journey and together we can create a supportive community.