Becoming An Internet Profits Certified Partner – My Review

January 2018 – my return to the world of online business.

Naturally, my first stop is Dean Holland’s IPro partner program.
I signed up to it back in 2014 and that’s how I made my first dollars online – what a rush that was!

Upon returning, I discover Dean’s program has gone from strength to strength. The membership has grown, coaches are on hand to help students as part of Dean’s team and, in short, it has had a dramatic transformation.

For starters, it has a new name: the Internet Profits Certified Partners Program. With the recent makeover, it also has a brand spanking new website accessible to partners only. Sorry! I’d give you a peek, otherwise.

With this program, the great thing is that once a partner, you’re a partner for life. If, like me, you take a misstep, get discouraged or sidetracked, you can always return to the program when you’re willing and able to give it another go.

The revamped program can best be described  in the words of Blaise Pascal:

Naturally, Dean Holland is the mind, heart and soul behind this site – every page starts with a video by Dean explaining his approach to the subject he loves ie. internet marketing with his trademark style full of energy and enthusiasm.

The new website is a calm, clear space for him to express his passion for this business through bite sized chunks of video, easy to absorb and flowing seamlessly from one module to the next.

The introduction to the new website makes it very clear that everyone who purchases a membership, regardless of how long ago they signed up, has to undergo the training program provided to become a certified partner.

At first, I was like, “This can’t be right – I’ve been a partner since 2014!”. But nope, I could not access the other areas of the site, such as affiliate links, traffic training etc., until I had undergone the certified partner course.

This seemed a bit like one step forward, two steps back. After all, didn’t I already know what could only be the basics of IM in this training?

Be that as it may, I quickly realised that if I still wanted to be a part of this business, I would have to swallow my pride and do the modules, yep, all eight of them, like it or not.

It was my very own Karate Kid experience…thaaanks, Dean!

Sooo…I suspended disbelief and surrendered to the inevitable. As Mr Miyagi said to Daniel: “…teacher say, student do.”

The course is laid out in the following eight modules:

The Sales Process
The Success Metric
Creating Your Number
The Six Figure Roadmap
Understanding Traffic

Each of these modules are broken down into several topics that form an overview to an in-depth understanding of the various moving parts of a digital business.

I started off thinking, “Yeah, this’ll be basic – I’ll cruise through this easy.”
However as I went through each topic I found there was a great deal to the sales process, for example, that I had never fully absorbed until now.

There is something about the well formatted layout of the course that is deceptively simple yet really allows you to gain a greater understanding of the internet marketplace and how it operates.

At the end of each module is a test. This enabled me to see if I’d grasped the main concepts outlined in that lesson.

I found I was looking at the world of making money online with fresh eyes – and it felt so clear and comfortable!

No anxiety about the mumbo jumbo of list building, SEO, Google etc.  Instead there is a feeling of being in control and in the driver’s seat for a change.

I always felt like I would have to become ‘a sales person’ or ‘IT geek’ and that I just lacked the skills to do either of these – it just doesn’t come  easily or naturally to me.

By going through the Internet Profits Certified Partner training, I could see I won’t have to do that at all. I simply have to share information that has helped me, and which others find enriching for themselves.

It has been quite the education and I’m glad I rediscovered my business partnership with Dean Holland.

The best part of this achievement is having a  plan of action to proceed with a clearly defined goal in mind. It is similar to the business plan in an offline business model such as a retail store. By setting out your road map to achieving your goal, you are forced to come up with a series of actions that take you in that direction.

Does this mean there won’t be roadblocks along the way? Of course there will! That’s the adventure we call life’s journey.

The trick is to find a support network which suits you as you develop your business.  For me, I’ve chosen Dean’s program. It lays out a step by step strategy to get to earning your first dollar online, progressing to your first $1,000 then your first $10,000 and eventually your first $100,000 or 6 figures online.  This is a program for those who want to start their own internet business with the focus and hard work it requires. No overnight jackpot here – if there ever was one.

What I like about it, is that Dean’s blueprint can be adapted to suit your individual strengths. For example, Dean explains how there are numerous ways to get traffic to your website or links and you can choose the way that suits you best.

The main thing is not to make it all too complex when starting off.

I will take it step by step and respect the journey.

I already tried the Shiny Object Syndrome method, which just resulted in massive credit card debt, so now I’m all for a business plan. Gotta learn from your mistakes sometime!

So what’s my goal?

Initially, I wish to earn $3,000 a month ongoing, which is the minimum required to quit my day job.  I’ve set myself a year to achieve this. Dean explains that this amount coming in as recurring income would mean you could concentrate on growing your business full time for ultimate financial independence.

If you’d like to see if I can reach my goal, then please subscribe to my blog.  I’ll keep you updated with my progress over the coming months.  I’d love your company along the way so thank you for stopping by!

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