My First Dollar Online. Click.

Ku De Ta Dreaming
Ku De Ta Dreaming

Okay, so, I know you’ve all been dying to know if I made any money…

When I first checked my iPro account during my solo ad run, I was crushed to see a big fat ‘0’ sales. Noooo. I went to bed depressed.

But then I woke up the next day to discover – Yay!! I’ve finally made my first dollar online – actually my first $109.71! It’s amazing to look at ‘commissions generated’ in my account and see I’ve actually Earned Money Online (EMO)!

To all of my lovely friends who encouraged me when I was anxiously placing my first solo ad last week, thank you for your warm wishes and support! Its been quite the nail biter for yours truly who has a knack for running up that credit card bill…

I’ve now been educated in the solo ads world. For instance, what the heck is an optin?  Apparently, its short for ‘opting in’ which means someone has given you permission to send them email.

Now, I get a tonne of daily emails for which I evidently ‘opted in’ (this could be related to my credit card debt, hmm…), but I didn’t realise how the effectiveness of an ad run can be measured from the number of optins. In this ad run, I got 29 optins which means 29 people have given their email address so follow up emails can be sent to them. This may result in potential sales down the track.

As for a ‘click’, this would mean a subscriber actually clicked on the ad to go through to the sales page. I found this an amusing term until I realised that I had to buy my ad run for a specified number of clicks…then it lost its charm altogether.

Being cautious, I only ordered 100 clicks for my first run from Beatrice Brown. The ad cost $65 for 100 clicks. Beatrice was fabulous because she gave me an extra 32 clicks. For all I know, it was one of those extra clicks that made me my first $109.71 – all from just one customer buying 3 products! This leaves me with a profit of $44.71.

Won’t be back sipping cocktails at Ku De Ta anytime soon, but I’m making more than I’m spending for the first time in my online journey!

That’s a giant leap for me in the Right Direction…a big Thumbs Up to Dean Holland for breaking this quest down into bite sized chunks I can handle…

Thank you, Dean! Something has finally ‘clicked’ for me at last and there’s no stopping me now…!

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35 Replies to “My First Dollar Online. Click.”

    1. I know, Catherine!
      Have been able to stop holding my breath now…was quite tense there waiting for the results.
      All good and going forward with renewed confidence!

      Thank you, my friend for being with me.

    1. Too right Sergio!
      Its just amazing, all day at work today, I felt like a champion with a silly grin on my face…!

      So good to see you here with me,

    1. I did…but I couldn’t do it without you, Scott!

      Makes a difference when you got friends cheering you on…thank you for supporting me!


    1. You’re always here for me, Keyur!

      Yes, now I’ve got to keep repeating this effort so it multiplies…!

      Another day, another challenge…thank you for your kind support,

  1. Nice job, Aneeta! It feels really good, doesn’t it? Just keep going. Now you know this really works, and you can actually make money online. Just keep driving traffic, and that $109.71 will double. Then that total will double, and so on and so on. It really does work. Now for your first $1,000 day. . .

    Continued good luck!

    1. Trust you to raise the bar on me Bob!
      Which is just as well because it keeps me on my toes…$1000 day???

      Dreaming of that happy day with you cheering me on,

      1. Hi Aneeta,

        Any more solos? I’m curious to know how you’re getting along and whether you’ve garnered more sales.

        I’m ordering another solo today, so we’ll see how that turns out. I’m using different people so I can determine whom I’ll be using for the long term. I’m glad to know Beatrice is a trusted vendor. I’ll probably add her to my list.

        I just passed the 200 opt-in point, so I know the solos are working. Now for the conversions….

        Please keep us up to speed so we know how things are going.

        Continued good luck.


        1. Hi Bob,
          Have yet to run my second solo ad, but have experimented with some other traffic sources.
          Actually, I tried to comment on your blog on the weekend and kept getting 404 error message…hope all is fixed soon.

          Will keep you posted on my progress shortly,

  2. Hello Aneeta: You know we have to watch ourselves about getting high and getting low…at least, I do. After I discovered my first commission, I was so excited and then when the rest of the clicks came in with opt-ins but no sales…yet…I was disappointed. As we are reminded, we take these steps, and we don’t know where the business will come from, just as you said…it may have come in those 32 extra clicks. So having been through that slight roller coaster, it’s a matter of rinse and repeat, KNOWING that we have a great coach, amazing business system, and working until we have realized our dreams–it’s just a matter of doing. Such a relief, really. CONGRATULATIONS!! Big smiles, Anne

    1. Anne, you’re so right…I tend to get carried away with the emotion of it all when its important to keep a clear perspective.
      After all, persistence is the key isn’t it?

      To our success,

  3. This is fantastically good news, Aneeta.
    I love the way you share your learning process about the whole optin/solo ad realm.
    Now I no longer feel so bad about how little I knew about this process, and thanks to you, I now know a whole lot more.
    Looking forward to hearing about even greater successes from you.
    Very best.

    1. Phil, you’re a gem!
      It takes me a while to get across each new subject in this business.
      I’m usually behind in class so to speak, so I just relay my experience as it happens…glad if I’ve made it clearer in any way.

      Thank you for sharing the journey with me,

  4. Hey Aneeta
    Fantastic news on your sale. I sell solo ads and often forget about people who are new to internet marketing like yourself need to learn about Solo ad buying. I am currently writing an ebook called solo ad survival guide and you have given me even more content to add. As we get more advanced we forget about the bits we have forgotten in our learning curve. Dean has an interview in the back office of ipro with one of his students who also experienced what you just reminded me of so thanks for your post it has helped me in my quest to help new people.

    1. Hi Jenelle,

      Thank you for stopping by and appreciate your warm wishes!
      I’m sure there’s many of us who’d like to know more about surviving solo ads.

      Look forward to hearing about your book soon,

  5. Great job Aneeta! You are well on your way, what a great success story! Nothing happens if you don’t take action, so good on you for shaking things up! Nowhere to go but up from here, wishing you all the best.

    1. Thank you Mary!

      Love your videos and your fabulous vision!

      You’re a cherished friend on this path we share,

  6. Congratulations Aneeta. I have so often heard people having lots of success from Solo ads, but these were mostly claims from Marketers trying to sell their Solo Ad products. Now I am more confident that it is a great source of traffic. At least now all I have to concentrated is providing value and conversions. Thanks.

    1. Hi Joe,
      Lovely to meet you and thank you for sharing my happy news!
      Yes, I do think solo ads are a great way to start off, but we all need to be careful as it can be hard to spot the decent providers from those taking you for a ride.
      Be sure you email the solo ad provider and feel good about it before going ahead. I asked Beatrice if she was happy for me to write about her services on my blog and she thanked me for the promotion so it was a win win situation.

      Wishing you success,

  7. Many congrats! In the words of Jim Rhon: “Profits are better than wages.” Making that first online dollar feels a while lot different than the one you make at a job wouldn’t you agree?

    1. Hi Reg,

      Thank you for visiting me and joining in my celebration!
      Yes, profits are definitely better than wages, I couldn’t agree more!

      Here’s to our success,

    1. Hi Rich,

      Thanks for joining in the celebration and your warm wishes!
      It’s been a roller coaster ride so far, looking forward to more adventure…!

      Much appreciated,

  8. Great Job, I am new here and not read you previous post but i will be going there now to find out how you made the big time. Then maybe il be on your tail.

    Good Job again and thanks for the share.

    Stephen Hawkins

  9. Fantastic Aneeta – I am glad to see that I am following a success story. Any success is real success right? I do wish you luck and will stick around here in the background (I’ll also put my opinion/VOICE out there also? Ha).

    By the way your site looks really nice. – If I may? you may want to change your Settings -> Permalinks settings to:

    Custom Structure -> ADD THIS: /%post_id%/%postname%/

    I believe you have it on default and that’s less secure as well as less Search Engine Friendly.
    Your site should also function faster. Which is always good.

    Hope you don’t mind me saying. You can delete this part of the comment if you like. I just wanted to give a helping hand, but don’t get me wrong I am no expert. I just learn from them.

    Hope everything goes great for you.

    Stephen Hawkins

  10. I read that post a while ago but also read a few others – My search began because my site was very very very…slow. I was advised that the permalink I posted resulted in better performance and it really made a difference which prompted mt try other settings.

    The one I posted ( /%post_id%/%postname%/) was even faster than the one mentioned in the Yoast Post /%postname%/

    So I Use /%post_id%/%postname%/ in a few sites. However there are a few plugins that require just /%postname%/

    I think optimize press (is that what you are using) requires Just to use: /%postname%/

    as MY /%post_id%/%postname%/ structure wasn’t accepted by Optimize Press. So My apologies If your using Optimize Press then just use the: /%postname%/

    Changing doesn’t usually do any arm but always make backups of DB and site before making changes.

    All the Best Aneeta.


  11. Just popped over Anita to encourage you to keep on blogging. You are an excellent writer.
    I look forward to reading about you setting an achieving new goals.
    Cheers to you.

  12. Hi Anita, Today I am first time here, and I found some good quality which having impressive information, I love your work, I am also a internet marketer and Every month I get impressive increment into my online earning, thanks for sharing your personal experience here. great work.

    Mohd Arif

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