Happy 2018 – Is There Anybody Out There?

Dear Internet Readers,

It’s been three years and eight months since I last posted on my blog…why did I stop, oh why?

Quite simply, I stuffed up (if you speak Aussie) otherwise known as an Epic Fail.

So I guess if you were following my blog, you’ve long since abandoned me and who would blame you?

Not me anyways.

After earning my first dollar online back in 2014, I discovered I was broke myself. I had just enough to keep up with the minimum payments on my credit card, not much more.

So I didn’t have any money left to buy traffic and realised that free traffic methods were going to take a long time to deliver…that’s when it set in…the D word.

Yep, depression came on like a big black cloud and I gave up and gave in to the daily grind without so much as a struggle.

Pretty pathetic but that’s what happened.

Life, however, didn’t wait for me to get my act together…nope, it just went relentlessly on and I was barely there…

Finally I paid off my debts the hard way; with my day job and living on a very tight budget. Tight with a capital T.

Now that I’m debt free the relief is great, but what of the lost time?
This I can’t get back. I’ve lost the momentum I had and I’ve just got to start over.

I always meant to return to this blog which is why I kept paying for the hosting. Even though I’ve taken so long, I’ve finally begun.

So let’s take it from the top and learn about each other all over again, this time I’ll keep going, I promise…

Here’s a video from a great artist Laura Mvula…she sings it better than I can write it…

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