Late Bloomer

Hi QuickStart Community,

This is my very first post to the world…amazing!

I’ve just started the Quickstart Challenge 2.0 with Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and JF Garsula this week. Yes, I know, it started April 7th and now its already the 23rd of April…so what have I been doing???

I’m worried…about telling you my story and looking a bit silly; or maybe very silly…depends how you look at these things. So here goes:

At age 48, let’s just say I haven’t exactly made all the right moves…Divorced after fifteen years, with no home to call my own, I seriously need to get some cash.

In 2012, I started researching how to make a living on the internet. I guess I was a little desperate to find the magic solution to internet riches, so much so I’m now twenty thousand in debt on my Mastercard – not quite sure how it happened. I told myself I have to ‘spend money to make money’, and in a little over two years the debts have started to pile up, but I’m yet to make a single dollar in cyberspace. Pretty sad huh?

Somewhere along the way, I forgot you can’t just buy IM courses and software, you’ve actually got to take action! Otherwise, as Dean says in the first video, you won’t make any money.

It makes complete sense when you think about it, but I’ve found this so very hard to do, I don’t know why. Even now I’ve struggled to start this blog and write this post. I always begin with a great idea, but can’t seem to get past the ‘research’ stage.

I really love Dean’s approach in the Quickstart Challenge and its a fantastic opportunity to stop asking why and start creating an online business.

My goal is to make that first dollar on the internet – how sweet that will be?! How will it happen? When will it happen? I don’t know yet. In fact, I haven’t a clue…its time to stop asking why and when and just…do…it…yeah!

I’ve had a look at some of the blogs everyone has set up and I find it really scary…you’re all so good at this stuff already! So if you have any words of wisdom for this late bloomer, I could really use your advice.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my story. Any tips you have to offer will be very welcome!

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34 Replies to “Late Bloomer”

  1. Hi Aneeta,

    I can relate to the debt too. So many that set off in this industry go through this. It’s kind of like a tuition for an education on what not to do. 🙂

    With so much information out there, it’s really difficult for one to know if they are putting their money and energies in the right direction. Over time and with a lot of expense, people either find their way, or quit all together.

    Congrats on the blog and keep in touch!

  2. Brilliant first post Aneeta! You did exactly what has been talked about by Dean in the Challenge. You told you’re story and it’s one that many will relate to. Great job and best wishes to you in your quest.


    1. Hi Bryan,
      Your praise makes my heart sing! Thank you for your generosity of spirit.
      Looking forward to making great friends like you in the QSC Community.

      Much appreciated,

  3. Hey Steve,

    You’re my very first visitor! It’s a thrill to have my first comment…

    I do feel rather silly being in debt when supposedly I should know better…relieved to know that others have been down a similar path and will work hard to be one of the few who find their way.

    You’re warmth and well wishes make me feel on top of the world right now…it’s been a long night!

  4. Aneeta … although I can’t empathize with your situation, I sure can sympathize though.
    The key you have found. Just to “do it”, right or wrong, but do something. Things will
    sort themselves out.

    My hat is off to you. You’ve come in a bit late, but that is a whole lot better than not
    at all. Your honesty is well deserving of a few “kudos” too. Keep up the good work.

    Please drop around to my blog and say hello … but read a bit first. 🙂

    P.S. The blog looks nice too, BTW.

    1. Art, you’re a gem! It means a lot that you appreciate my honesty; it took me a while to get here but you make me glad I finally took the plunge.
      Will definitely be visiting you very soon.

  5. Actually Aneeta, don’t feel silly at all. This happens to more people than not.
    And about knowing better, I’m pretty sure most people adopt an attitude that “I’ll spend what it takes to learn what is necessary to make a living working on the internet.” And that is a great and positive outlook.

    All the best Aneeta, and you know where I am 🙂

  6. Hi Aneeta,
    Congratulations on your first blog post.
    I can identify with getting lost in the “research” stage. I did that for the first few months since I started this new career.
    I have now learned that this will not put bread and butter on the table.
    For me, I think it is the perfectionist in me…so I need to change that way of thinking.
    So, look forward to getting to know you better. The support in the group is great…and look forward to commenting on your first video:)
    All the best,

    1. Hi Rosaline,
      Thank you for your friendship and support!
      It’s wonderful to connect with likeminded individuals and will certainly be keeping you posted on my journey. I’ve found it hard accepting my limits in this new world where I only know part of the picture,so I can see how being a perfectionist would hinder your ability to take action. For me it’s more like option frenzy…which task should be my focus now…etc.
      Oh dear, the first video…that feels like a Herculean task, getting the jitters just thinking about it…!

  7. Hi Aneeta, your’e not alone with all that bebt, I’m in the same situation.
    With a lots of hard work, luck and QSC we will make it.
    To your success, Kevin.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Your support and honesty means a great deal. We can aim high with the support of the QSC Community.
      It’s an amazing group and we’re lucky to be part of it.
      Wishing you the very best, my friend.

    1. Hi Ezam,
      You’re so right, the QSC Community is definitely a great start for our online business!
      I look forward to working with you on this great internet journey.
      Thank you for your encouragement and kind support,

  8. Hi Anita,
    Well done and congratulation for starting up your blog….
    It’s never too late to begin, keep it up…
    looking forward to reading your new posts…

    1. Hi Suman,
      Thank you for making me feel good about myself.
      I was feeling a bit sad about life for a long time and I’m glad that I’ve made the change and learnt to take action.
      Your friendship is much appreciated,

  9. Hey Aneeta, first of all congratulations on building this website!

    You are already on the side of the people who take action and I know running a blog, writing articles and exposing ourselves can be scary in the beginning but you’ll get more comfortable with time.

    My recommendation is to keep taking massive action no matter how scary something appears to be because the rewards at the end of it, are really, really BIG and it gets to become fun too.

    Remember that everyone had to start at the newbie level so don’t get overwhelmed by other people’s work right now, just continue to do your own thing and you’ll be a pro in whatever you decide to become the go-to person real soon.

    -Sergio Felix.

    PS. I really liked your genuine and down to earth, writing style, keep it up! 😉

    1. Hi Sergio,
      O.M.G. Can’t believe you’re here!!! You’re video testimonial really convinced me to participate in this Challenge so it’s a thrill to have you visit my site!
      You’re advice means so much as I admire your online charisma and easygoing communication style.
      It’s really easy to get sidetracked as there’s so much I don’t know, but as you so wisely put it I’ve just got to ‘do my own thing’ and get with the program!
      Thank you for the writing compliment; the hardest thing for me has been just being myself but I’m finally on my way…
      Much appreciated,

  10. Hi Aneeta, Well done in getting your blog post up and your blog looks really good. No need to feel silly or worry about being a late bloomer, just be proud of yourself that you’ve started on this journey. I’ve been a late bloomer in the past, but not any more. I spent too many years being cautious and doing what I thought was expected of me rather than what I wanted to do, but not any more. When I turned 60 it was in a way a huge ‘freedom’ for me. I decided I wasn’t going to let anyone dictate to me what to do, or how I should dress, or how to wear my hair. I was going to do what I wanted to and if anyone thought I was silly, or not ‘acting my age’ or trying the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ on me, then at least they were leaving someone else alone who couldn’t handle it. So don’t wait till you’re 60 🙂 All the very best in your QSC endeavours. Alayna

    1. Hi Alayna,
      Thank you sister in spirit, so lovely to meet you!
      I shall take your advice and make the most of my life here and now, as it should be…holding ourselves back is so limiting and yet how we were brought up to be that it takes a lifetime to just do it, our way.
      To our success together,

  11. Yes Aneeta, you are very true and have mentioned the scenario that most of us have passed through and have experienced the same at one stage or the other.

    However, to the new beginning, QSC can help us achieve what we want provided we remain dedicated and passionate in whatever we choose to do.

    Cheers and good luck.

    1. Hi Keyur,
      Good to know I’m with fellow travellers who have been through a similar experience and survived to share their story. It’s so true, QSC is our new beginning and working together we can make our way through the wild world of cyberspace!
      Best to you in business and in health,

  12. Hi Aneeta,

    Been in debt is not good at all but not making anything about it is worst. Congratulations because you’re doing great by starting Your own blog. You got tired of not doing anything and DECIDED to take action.

    When the last week of Quick Start Challenge is completed consider it your new beginning. Un-dust all the digital courses you’ve paid for because it’s almost sure there is something good on them.

    Don’t paid for anything else unless you’ve generated the money to pay for. Develop a business plan (meaning write in paper or electronic what you going to do with this blog) no complicated details just the simple steps you’re ready to follow and stick to.

    I think you are not late but arrive at the right moment, see all the comments you’ve received and all the great encouragement from fellows QSC participant.

    48 Years is extremely young(I’m 48 too :)).
    Home is where you are and not the property you sleep in.

    Again CONGRATULATIONS!!! You keep going don’t give up.

    What every Newbie need to know about IM

    1. Hi Rafael,
      Your words mean so much to me. There have been many nights where I think I’m just crazy to dream of an online business. You’re absolutely correct, its only because I finally decided to take action that now I can meet people with the same vision who understand what I’ve been through.

      Thank you for your encouragement and great advice..and yes, I promise not to be sidetracked by anymore internet courses!

      Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I was exhausted from my first day of publishing the blog and staying up too late so yesterday after writing some replies, I couldn’t think anymore and fell asleep for 8 hours which never happens!

      I’ll keep going now because of the support of wonderful people like you, my friend.
      To our success,

  13. Hi Aneeta,
    I’m sure you’ll find a number of people who can relate very closely to what you’ve posted. I can relate a lot to your early attempts at making money online. I too have spent thousands on trainings and software that promised to turn my life around in a flash. Looking back, all I can say is I clearly asked for those hard lessons. Things start looking up once you take the ‘Magic’ out of internet marketing and treat it like any other business. The fundamentals are the same – Plan, Focus, Knowledge, Hard work, Flexibility…etc. There are no shortcuts. Anyway it a long time for me to realize all that. From the honesty and sincerity you’ve shown, It’s evident that you have the focus and will do well. I agree with Art – the key here is to start taking action. The rest will follow. This is a great community and I’ve seen a number of people very keen to help each other succeed. Though the degrees may vary, I’m sure all of us can find our own success here 🙂 Wish you all the very best with the challenge


    1. Hi Sajith,
      What you’ve written here should be the intro to internet marketing for every newbie…though if they’re anything like me, I wouldn’t have understood this two years ago…I had to go learn it the hard way!

      Thank you for sharing your journey with me; from expecting a quick fix to becoming an internet entrepeneur. Your words are profound in their simplicity and clear-eyed vision.
      An inspirational story, Sajith.

      Looking forward to your success,

  14. Great post and great start Aneeta! 🙂 It all will come as you need it if you follow the course. You are doing fantastic. You have set up your blog and written you first post. Keep going! Don’t worry about what people will think, if they don’t agree with your line of thought, you probably don’t want them on your blog. I don’t mean to be harsh, but we cannot please all people all of the time. So work on being true to yourself and you will draw like minded people to you.

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thank you so much! Your comments give me that warm, fuzzy feeling.
      I’m conversing with someone who ‘gets me’ and that is a rare thing…nothing harsh about the truth, we definitely cannot be everyone’s cup of tea! I admit though, sometimes it’s hard to be true to yourself and at those moments, I’ll remember our conversation here…I value your strength of mind.

      Lovely to meet a like-minded soul!

      Will be around to your place soon,

  15. Great post, Aneeta…I think that your “journey” with this researching is something which have helped you to decide what is working and what is not. And also gain a lot of experience from that, so now you should be ready for your success…

    1. Hi Dr.Bo,

      Thank you for your kind compliments! Yes, I think trying different internet programs showed me I’m not a good IT person. Some people are very good with technical stuff but that’s not me. So I decided to try this program because it’s about being yourself but even this took me a long time to achieve…I found it hard to tell my story on the internet.

      I’m very glad I finally did it because everyone in the Quickstart Community has been so good to me!

      Much appreciated,

  16. Hi Aneeta….Great job. I love your blog and if you search for perfection…….this does not exist in this world. I know myself and I know exactly that I waste to much time to be perfect……which is absolutely not needed. Be yourself and show the world who you are. Honestly your blog looks very good and I hope that you keep going. I wish you all the best and success to achieve your dreams. What’s needed to be a good marketer is enthusiasm, patience and trust. Sincerely Roland

    1. Hi Roland,

      Thank you for your well wishes and advice…so glad you like my blog!
      When I first looked at WordPress, I had a headache. I thought, is this supposed to be easy?? I must be getting old! I thought about outsourcing and went to Fiverr but I was scared to talk to people about stuff I don’t know. Finally, on GoDaddy, I saw they have a ‘Managed WordPress’ blog. Its like ‘WordPress for Dummies’ and this made sense to me. So I finally made it…

      Enthusiasm, patience and trust..I will remember your words, Roland.

      All the Best to You,

  17. Hi Aneeta,

    Saw your post on the Quick Start Challenge FB group and said I’d be by.
    You’ve got one great looking blog.
    As others have pointed out, your candor and willingness to let it all hang out makes you real and “one of us.”
    Your writing style is very readable, so I hung on every word.
    So congratulations on creating your first WordPress blog.
    You may not be fully aware of what a major accomplishment that is yet. So bask in the glory of the fact that you are now leagues ahead of those who haven’t even gotten that far.
    As far as the saying “you have to spend money to make money,” that has a core of truth, but I’ve learned through experiences just like the ones you describe (generating massive debt) that it’s also important to spend that money on things that actually work. Follow a system that’s already working, in other words.
    I look forward to watching you become highly successful. Hang in there.
    Very best regards,
    Phil Berkun

    1. Hi Phil,

      You’ve made my day! In my wildest dreams, I never thought anyone would warm to this sorry tale.
      So when you say ‘I hung on every word’ it moves me deeply. I’ve felt so alone in the internet wilderness that I was ready to pack it all in…thank goodness I came across this Challenge because I’ve never had the kind of encouragement and support that I’ve found here.

      And to think, its only cost me $20 compared to some of those other purchases…!

      Thank you for your generosity of spirit,

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