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When I first heard the phrase ‘The Money is in the List‘, I used to wonder if people were referring to some sort of secret list of tips and tricks for internet success.

Of course I came to realise that it means your list of customers who are email subscribers and over time, have come to trust in the information they receive from you. Its these people who are more likely to buy products from your recommendation.

I have to confess that this idea used to make me very nervous.
The concept that there are people who have never even met me yet want to know my opinion and listen to it, is a bit scary.

Firstly the internet seems like this overwhelming international marketplace where little old me would just be lost; one tiny voice in a sea of humanity…who would even care what I have to say?

And secondly, what would happen if they did listen to me? Just because a product is good for me, doesn’t necessarily mean that it suits everyone.
I used to have nightmares about people hating my products and demanding refunds from all over the world – such agony when I hadn’t even tried to sell anything at all!

Oh well, it all seems too hard – maybe I’ll just watch Breaking Bad and eat ice cream instead. Best not to get too far out of your comfort zone…just look what happened to Walter White

Now that was the old me. The 2018 me is all inspired to get started – yeah! Let’s make it happen; only…how do we do that?

Well, I’ve decided to fall back on keeping it simple…since no one knows me the one thing I can do is promote a free strategy that I am happy to use myself.

So here goes with the cheesy sales pitch:

Would you like to build your list using your very own, fully hosted , 100% FREE email list building web funnel?

It’s called the DualSqueeze Funnel Strategy.

The idea is pretty ingenious really; its part of a free system that gets other people to build your email list for you.

The initial optin where you insert your email means you’ll be on my list (yay!) and then the second optin means you’ll also be on the mailing list of the blogger I got this offer from! (He’s a great guy, a really brilliant IM professional and a cool dude, promise!)  No, its not Dean Holland, its a surprise…why don’t you sign up and find out who he is?

When you take up this fantastic offer, you actually get your very own DualSqueeze website that looks extremely professional. This is a site you can drive traffic to purely to build your list by collecting email addresses.

These subscribers then over time, could become your core audience  as they know, like and trust you. If they were to set up their own DualSqueeze offer, then all their subscribers also go on your list!

Mind bendingly brilliant isn’t it??

Now dear readers, this is one way we can all help each other build our community together in a respectful way. If you don’t like the emails you get from me or my fellow IM blogger,  you could always choose to unsubscribe from us anytime.

Like all free offers, there is an upsell (would you like fries with that?) but you don’t have to take it up if you don’t want to…its just to enable you to also receive affiliate commissions for your signups. That’s the icing on the cake really...check it out for yourself!

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