New Beginning

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Quickstart Challenge 2.0 has ended, and with the close of one chapter begins another. For my part, I was slow to start but my efforts well into the third week of the Challenge were generously rewarded by an incredible community of like-minded internet entrepeneurs.

I have learnt much from watching my new found friends and reading their stories. It has been a real eye-opener to see just how many people out there have wrestled with similar issues in understanding the basics of an online business.

I say this now with the understanding of one who has had an epiphany: that first elusive dollar online is the initial step towards building a business not just making money while you sleep! Only after participating in the Quickstart Challenge 2.0 coaching program did I grasp this concept.

Okay, so you’re thinking, ‘She’s a bit slow, isn’t she?’ but what may be obvious to some was not so for me.  Working as a bookkeeper for many years, indeed managing the accounts for various companies should have prepared me for the world of internet business. However, I simply hadn’t put these two words together: ‘internet’ and ‘business’. Instead, my mindset persisted in the myth that ‘push-button riches’ were just well…er, a click away once you found the right software, program, method etc.

Now, this seems as plain as the nose on my face (see video in previous post) that the best way to make money online is to plan this goal as you would any other business. Taking this road seems more like hard work and less like a magic carpet ride, but it also makes it understandable and demystifies the glamour of internet income. Just like any other business, there are various investments to consider and statistics you can measure to track your progress. The best way forward is a step by step plan to achieving your goal so you get there little by little, day by day.

So, cheers to a New Beginning, which I shall share with you as one newbie on her way towards establishing that online business…Acting Now with Energy and Enthusiasm Today and Always.

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9 Replies to “New Beginning”

  1. Indeed, QSC has ended but our determination is ON. Our goals are set and the path is planned. I am on it and so you are. It is not a matter of ‘slow’ but steadiness also matters which is nothing but consistency to maintain what you are already doing. So keep doing what you are doing Aneeta and share your expertise and experiences with the world.

    1. Hi Keyur,

      Your comments make me feel fantastic!
      Yes, I will follow your advice and keep on keeping on.

      Your encouragement is always cherished,

  2. Hi Aneeta
    Persisitent and consistent is the key I believe. As you said step by step and just keep going. I think the QSC is a way pushed us off into the deep end – now we’re learning to swim, dog paddle or float whatever – but not sink. All the best

  3. Love the ‘not drowning, waving’ sentiment, Alayna!
    I used to get overwhelmed by all the info online but am learning to focus on the strategy at hand rather than getting sidetracked.

    Thanks for your wise perpective as always,

  4. Hi Aneeta,

    Congrats on all of your progress!
    It’s an inspiration just to see you inspired 🙂

    Could that be a picture of you up there?
    Your energies in this journey are outstanding!

  5. Hello Aneeta,

    It was a bittersweet moment when the Quick Start Challenge ended, but it opened up a new chapter for those of us who graduated to iPro. I’m still implementing what I learned in the challenge, however, as I believe what Dean taught us still applies.

    I hope things are moving forward in your business and that you are achieving many successes.

    See you in the forums.

    1. Hi Bob,

      I’ve been in awe of your lightning quick start! Your energy in getting solo ads happening has been infectious…just getting into solo ads myself and am waiting on a reply from my chosen solo ad provider.

      Will keep you posted in the forums shortly,

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