My Quickstart Challenge 2.0

I first heard of Dean Holland when an email came to my inbox advertising the Quickstart Challenge 2.0. I used to get so many emails with countless Internet Marketing offers that I couldn’t remember one email from the next! This one, however, really got my attention as it came with a video interview of Dean discussing how he lost $60,000 in his quest to start an online business:

I was so inspired by Dean’s struggle to make money online that out came my credit card and $20 later I was signed up to the Quickstart Challenge 2.0. This is an annual event offered by Dean Holland.

So what did I get for my $20??

  1. A 4 week coaching program of live, interactive webinars run by Dean himself explaining the steps he took to get up and running online.
  2. Access to the Quickstart Challenge Community who, like me, were a group of e-biz newbies setting up their blogs in the Internet Marketing niche.

So…did I make it??

Firstly, I was crippled by a crisis of confidence. I attended the first 2 webinars and watched everyone else set up WordPress blogs in record time whilst I couldn’t figure it out (yes, I’m technically challenged like that…); this blog that you’re reading right now is the blog I started during the Quickstart Challenge 2.0. It took me 3 weeks into the Challenge to get there!

Four days after starting the blog, I did my first Youtube video.¬†Yep, I actually spoke to camera and recorded the whole darn minute and a bit on Youtube…talk about fear!

On the 23rd May 2014, one month after starting my blog, I made my first dollar online, actually my first $109.71!

This is my Quickstart story; I’ve started my online business and, yes, there are plenty of challenges along the way…but my journey has finally begun!

What made the difference for me in Dean’s program?

Dean Holland is an inspirational mentor who has done it the hard way himself. You know from his account that he put in the time, effort and commitment to make his success happen, so you can believe in his guidance.

More importantly, he made it possible for me to focus on achieving goals step by step. I’d been paralysed by fear of:

  • having to tell my story and look like a complete ignoramus
  • a lack of any real computer skills eg. design, coding etc.
  • a lack of marketing or sales skills

All of these issues were addressed by Dean, and from listening to him, I finally found my voice and was able to start writing my blog.

Equally important, is the Community you become a part of who support your efforts every step of the way. You are not alone and someone is always there to lend a hand with technical dramas, or just to give you a little encouragement. I was amazed by the generous advice and help I received from people around the world, so much so I felt like I could do anything…In other words, I faced my fears and overcame them at last.

Now the Quickstart Challenge is over for 2014, but you can still experience the magic of Dean’s inspirational coaching and the support that comes with being part of an online community. If you’ve ever wondered about making money online, then maybe it’s time for you to give it a go. You may just surprise yourself with what you can achieve…I know I did!